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About iGinaBee®

iGinaBee® Accessories began in 2012. My mission reminds us ladies to keep our heads held high to not only prevent our crowns from slipping, but to look adversity right in the eye and conquer it.

I began creating my own line of Accessories to help woman rediscover their beauty. For some, Accessories are just what we wear to complement our outfits. For others, Accessories are what we wear to complement our womanhood, self-esteem, or just our individuality. We wear them to make a statement. No matter how deep you look into it, Accessories can do a lot to make us, or the ones we love, feel better.

Ultimately, I want us all to keep in mind that we are all capable of overcoming our past, our fears, and our own self-doubt to bounce back shining like new.

Let iGinaBee® Accessorize You!

Check out my line of footwear, too! 

**A portion of all proceeds are donated to charities in support of Domestic Violence Prevention**